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Thinking of a Service Position?

District 15 Handbook

AA GSR Handbook 

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District 15 GSR A.A. Handbook

GSR A.A. Handbook

District 15 Open Positions

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  • Grapevine:

Long term (2 years) sobriety is required of the District Level Positions, check out the expectations, rules, and requirements to see if you qualify. 

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  • Working via the district and area committees, the G.S.R. is the group’s link with the General Service Conference, through which U.S. and Canadian groups share their experience and voice A.A.’s collective conscience.

  • Sometimes called "the guardians of the Traditions," G.S.R.s become familiar with A.A.’s Third Legacy—our spiritual responsibility to give service freely. Usually elected to serve two-year terms, they represent the group at district meetings and area assemblies.

  • Keep group members informed about general service activities in their local areas.

  • Receive and share with their groups all mail from the General Service Office, including the newsletter Box 4-5-9, which is G.S.O.’s primary tool for communicating with the Fellowship. 

  • Chair group business meetings. An alternate G.S.R. is elected at the same time in the event that the G.S.R. may be unable to attend all district and area meetings.

  • Alternate G.S.R.s should be encouraged to share the responsibilities of the G.S.R. at the group, district, and area levels.

  • (See The A.A. Service Manual, Chapter 2, The Group and its G.S.R., for further information. Any new G.S.R should read the Pamphlet G.S.R. May Be the Most Important Job in A.A’ (Minimum Two Years Sobriety ~ Two Year Term).

New Hampshire: 1-800-593-3330

Eastern Mass: 1-617-426-9444

Maine: 1-207-774-4335

Vermont: 1-802-658-4221

Volunteers Needed!

Are you looking for service work? NH A.A. Hotline wants to hear from you!

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I Am Responsible

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.

And for that: I am responsible.

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